PUBG Version 1.0 Update #13 Patchnotes (PC)

Rückstoß der M16A4 wird verringert und viele weitere kleine Anpassungen

Mit dem kommenden Update #13 für die Version 1.0 von PUBG werden die Entwickler keine großen Inhalte oder Änderungen vornehmen, sondern viel mehr nur kleine Bugfixes und Fehlerbehebungen vornehmen.

Des weiteren arbeiten die Entwickler bereits an einer Lösung für die FPS-Probleme mit dem Update #12. Außerdem kommt eine neue Lootbox (Aviator Crate) ins Spiel und wir werden uns einen Fallschirm-Skin kaufen können. Wie gewohnt findet ihr die PUBG Version 1.0 Update #13 Patchnotes in dem unten eingefügten Quote.

PUBG Version 1.0 Update #13 Patchnotes


  • Both the Lightweight Grip and Half Grip can now be attached to the Vector.
  • Some minor weapon balance adjustments:
    • First shot from the M16A4 now has less recoil.
    • Decreased the spread of shotgun pellets.
    • Shotgun chokes and duckbills are now less effective at decreasing spread (so the effective spread for a shotgun with a choke or duckbill will be similar to before)


  • CUSTOMIZATION > GEAR tab has been added. Go here to equip parachute skins.
Anpassungen an den Skins (Fallschirme)
Anpassungen an den Skins (Fallschirme)
  • Tooltips for weapon attachments have been edited to make them more intuitive.


  • Added support for Ukrainian. Thank you to all the Ukrainian players who participated in the translation process!
  • Game lobby now supports multiple languages.
    • Multiple languages will be applied to various lobby components such as lobby menus (Play, Customization, Store, etc.), the options menu, and crates
    • 19 different languages are supported

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where certain buildings in Miramar were shown with default textures
  • Fixed some walls in Miramar that could be partially passed through
  • Removed the white mark that appeared alongside the aircraft icon on the minimap
  • Scope reticle settings should no longer reset when weapons are dropped and picked up again
  • We’ve improved the holographic sight’s reticle. It’s now the same size as a character silhouette seen from 100m away
  • Certain animations on the buggy and minibus have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused characters to sit at odd angles if entering into vehicles from a prone position on a sloped surface
  • Fixed an issue causing red dot and holo sight reticles to get smaller and blurry when swapping weapons
  • “Damage-received” sounds should no longer play after winning a game

New Crate – Aviator

  • A new crate (Aviator Crate) with new outfits has been added. Find it in the STORE menu
    • Aviator Crate requires an Aviator Key to be opened
Aviator Crate Inhalt
Aviator Crate Inhalt
  • TEST SERVER ONLY: For testing purposes, we will provide 100K BP, 20x Weapon Skin Keys, 20x Early Bird Keys, 20x Aviator Keys, and 10x Aviator Crates to all test accounts.
Aviator Crate
Aviator Crate

Added new parachute skin

  • The „Bengal Tiger“ parachute skin can be purchased separately as an individual item for $4.99(price will vary slightly in some regions, based on global exchange rates). It can be purchased only once per account.
    • Bengal Tiger is unable to trade in Steam market
  • It is purchasable in STORE > ITEMS menu
  • Remember that the Target Practice Pan skin will no longer be available after the planned 5/17 update!
Bengal Tiger Fallschirm
Bengal Tiger Fallschirm


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