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Lore Dialoge zur Freischaltung der Mag’har Orcs

Erschütternde Erkenntnisse über das alternative Draenor

Die Dataminer haben einige Lore Dialoge zur Freischaltung der Mag’har Orcs gefunden. Diese sind, man kann es nicht anders sagen, erschreckend. Doch erst einmal ein Rückblick, wie haben wir das alternative Draenor in der letzten Erweiterung verlassen?

Kleiner Rückblick auf Draenor

Archimonde wurde besiegt, Gul’dan in das Portal geworfen und Grommash verkündete am Ende den Sieg über die Brennende Legion. Ja, der Grommash, welcher am Anfang der Erweiterung mit seiner Eisernen Horde alles töten und unterwerfen wollte.

WoW BfA Mag'har Orc Wolf
Ein Mag’har Orc auf seinem Wolf

Schnitt. In der kommenden Erweiterung Battle for Azeroth wird die Horde die Mag’har Orcs von Draenor als Verbündetes Volk freischalten können. Doch warum schließen diese sich der Horde an? Die Lore Dialoge verraten es.

Lore Dialoge zur Freischaltung der Mag’har Orcs

Es sind einige Jahre auf Draenor vergangen (alternative Zeitlinie) und die Lage dort hat sich verschlechtert. Die Herrscher sind nun die sogenannten Lichtgebundenen, eine fanatische Art von Draenei, welche das Licht anbeten und versuchen alle zwingen diesen Glauben ebenfalls zu teilen.

Die Anführerin dieser Sekte ist die Hochexarchin Yrel. Unter Ihrem Kommando gab es einige Vorkommnisse, welche den brüchigen Frieden zwischen Orcs und Draenei empfindlich gestört haben. Unter anderem haben die Lichtgebundenen Durotan getötet, Orcs versklavt und gezwungen das Licht anzubeten.

Die Frau und die Tochter von Durotan (Draka und Geya’rah) haben jedoch überlebt. Geya’rah hat sogar den Titel eines Hochlords erlangt und steht in der Gunst von dem Anführer der Orcs, Grommash. Im Zuge des Szenarios zur Freischaltung der Mag’har Orcs helfen wir diesen und wehren Angriffe der Lichtgebundenen ab. Durch das gewonnenen Vertrauen schließen sich einige der Kämpfer dann schlussendlich der Horde an und kehren mit uns in die „richtige“ Zeit zurück.

The streams of time and reality are ever-shifting. The anchor to the world you seek will be tenuous.
Can you hold the way open long enough for us to bring the orcs of Draenor through?
I will send the shard through with you. When you are ready, it will bring you home.
Go. But take care not to lose yourself amongst the threads of fate.


Eitrigg: Stay your hand! We come in peace to speak to your warchief.
Silence! The overlord will decide your fate. Chain them!
Green skin… disgusting! I have heard tales of this corruption, but never seen it.
Be wary. For all we know, they are spies sent by the draenei.
The overlord will know what to do.
Overlord Geya’rah! We have prisoners.
Bring them to me.


They are Lightbound spies! Filthy traitors!
We will see. Speak, intruders. Who are you?
There is but one warchief… and you are no Blackrock! But let us put your words to the test.
The three banners in this camp will be known to any true orc. Tell me of them, or it’s the executioner’s blade for you both!
The Blackrock… my own clan. We were proud orcs… fierce soldiers. But we were deceived by Gul’dan’s fel magic and did… terrible things.
The Warsong clan struggled for generations against the ogres. Though vastly outnumbered, Grommash Hellscream led his people to a great victory over the Highmaul.
Durotan was chieftain of the Frostwolves. Never have I known a more honorable orc. He was a true leader who loved his people. I miss his wisdom.
Your words stir my heart, old one. We still honor the history of our clans, though we stand united as mag’har. But you have yet to prove–
Enough! I will judge the prisoners for myself, Geya’rah.


Grommash: It has been many years since I set eyes upon a green-skinned orc. And this one at your side is… familiar. You come from Azeroth.
Eitrigg: Indeed. I am Eitrigg, and this is $n, champion of the Horde.
Grommash: Eitrigg… I knew an Eitrigg who served Blackhand. He was an honorable orc who died in glorious battle.
Eitrigg: And the Grommash Hellscream I knew gave his life to free us from the grip of demons. A worthy death.
Grommash: Well then here we are… two old ghosts. Why have you returned to Draenor after all this time?
Eitrigg: Heroes from my world once freed yours from the grip of tyrants. Now Azeroth faces a similar threat, so we have come to ask repayment of that debt.


Geya’rah: Enough! Warchief, we cannot pledge our soldiers to these off-worlders. Not when we face foes of our own!
Grommash: Durotan owed a debt to these heroes, Geya’rah, same as I. You dishonor your father’s spirit with your outburst. Still… you have given me an idea…
Grommash: Eitrigg and $n will aid you in putting down the ogre instigator, Geya’rah.
Geya’rah: I do not need the help of outsiders… but I will do as you command. Come!
Eitrigg: You are the daughter of Durotan and Draka. I see them both in you. Are your parents…
Geya’rah: My mother commands a garrison in Nagrand. My father fell in battle to the Lightbound.
Geya’rah: Enough questions. Ride!


Overlord Geya’rah! The Lightbound are attacking Beastwatch!
Damn those traitors! How great a force do they have?
An exarch leads them. Their forces are… considerable.
Good! I can use another exarch’s head upon my wall. Come, outsiders!
It is time you explained who these Lightbound are, overlord.
I suppose you have earned that much.
After Archimonde’s fall, the orcs and draenei worked together to drive the Legion from Draenor. Those were good years.
But without demons to fight, the draenei became fixated upon their precious Light.
Their naaru masters compelled them to spread their influence among the orcs. A few converted willingly. Others had the Light forced upon them.
Some orcs even sided with the draenei against their kin… even the warchief’s own son was lost! We call these traitors Lightbound.
I will not stand by while the High Exarch crusades against mag’har freedom! The tyranny of the Light must be ended!


We will fight with you, overlord!
You can also assail your enemies with a Barbed Shot, causing them to take bleeding damage for a while.
Lantresor! Report!
We are holding the line, overlord. But the enemy looks to be mustering for a bigger attack.
This is not your fight, outsiders. You are free to return to Azeroth.
I have never walked away from a battle. I do not plan to start today.
Then we fight for blood and honor together! With me, heroes!
Hold your ground! This land belongs to the mag’har!
Back, draenei! Your Light is not welcome here!
Strike down the Light’s corruption!


Yield, mag’har! Embrace the Light!
We come to save you from your savagery!
Heed the High Exarch’s visions!
You have ruined this land! It is not too late to save it!
We can save Draenor together!
Join us in the Light, brothers and sisters!
The time of Grommash is past. Embrace a new future!
The Light saved us. It can save you, too!
The High Exarch only wishes the best for us all!


We are with you, Geya’rah!
Cease this pointless defiance, mag’har! Stand down and welcome the Light!
Retreat while you still can! You will not force your doctrines upon us, draenei!
The High Exarch orders you to submit… or face judgment!
Enough talk! Let us be judged upon the field of battle!
For Draenor! For the mag’har!
The naaru offer us peace and order!
You mean subjugation!
Give up your hate! The Light can heal the scars of war!
Our scars are not yours to take!
This once-fertile land is now lifeless dust. That’s what your hate has done!
Yrel… I have failed you…
Your High Exarch cannot save you. My people will never stop fighting until Draenor is free!
Come, champions of Azeroth. We must tell the warchief of our victory.


The draenei attack was thwarted, warchief. But the High Exarch will not relent. Fanatics never do.
We will be ready. And what of these heroes from Azeroth? Were they of aid to you?
They fought with courage. I admit… I judged you harshly, Eitrigg. You as well, $n.
Now, on the matter of the debt we owe your Horde, we will send–
Me. Along with a company of volunteers. With your permission, warchief.
You, overlord? But what of your people’s fight here?
The warchief can hold off the draenei and those traitorous Lightbound. The mag’har will help you win your war, and then our debt will be paid.
I suspected that once you bonded with them in battle, you would wish to join these heroes, Geya’rah. You have my blessing.
You have our thanks. $n will open the way to Azeroth.


The magic that brings you to Azeroth is volatile. It may not be able to return you home.
You have opened the way to Draenor before. I know in my heart that we will find our way back again.
To once more feel the stones of Draenor under my feet in battle… this was a good day.
Welcome, $n! De outpost be yours to command.
Aka’magosh, Geya’rah. I will inform your mother of your choice. Safe journey, Eitrigg. And to you, $n.
The portal to Azeroth will stay open long enough for your soldiers to prepare for their journey and come through.
All I need is the axe on my back. I will travel with you now and speak to your warchief. Is it still the troll that my mother spoke of?
Not anymore. I will explain…

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