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Film „Race to the World First“ kostenlos verfügbar

Looking for Group Productions veröffentlicht den Film kostenlos

Manch einer erinnert sich noch an den dokumentarischen Film „Race to the World First“. Dieser wurde 2012 kostenpflichtig veröffentlicht und erfreute sich großer Beliebtheit.

Race to the World First – Film über World of Warcraft

Nun haben die Ersteller diesen auf Youtube hochgeladen und stellen Ihn allen kostenlos zur Verfügung. Thematisch geht es um World of Warcraft und um das soziale Konstrukt drum herum.

Neben der Frage, warum Menschen World of Warcraft und andere MMOs spielen geht es um die Thematik die Bosse vor allen anderen zu besiegen.

Die Ersteller des Films begleiten dabei besonders die US Gilde Blood Legion (mittlerweile keine Progress Gilde mehr), aber auch andere Spieler werden gezeigt und kommentieren das Erlebnis.

In 2009 my pal Zach and I, decided we wanted to make a movie about World of Warcraft. There had been other documentaries, but none of them seemed to capture the reasons we played. The depth of the friendships in our guilds, the thrill of a successful raid, the real life lessons we were taking from the game.

Many of the films and media chose to capitalize on the controversies and stigmas that would effortlessly get them traction or a news cycle. This was frustrating to watch. People that were never part of the community were defining it. For us, there was a need to step in and let the community tell the story for once. Perhaps it wouldn’t get mainstream attention, didn’t care, but guess what, it did anyway.

Our little film, „Race to World First“ came out in 2012. It won best documentary at Phoenix Comicon and Dynamo. It then went on to be seen on television stations all over the world and to date has been downloaded over 3 million times in 168 countries. People all over the world contacted us to tell us how they used the film to explain to family and friends why they played WoW. Others told us that we were their first documentary and that they were now watching documentaries of all types now. We had a number of people that told us we had inspired them to become hardcore raiders, haha. Makes sense to us. All in all the sacrifice that went into the project was worth it and it ignited our passion to continue telling stories about the gaming communities we love.

As we prepare to release our next film „Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon“, we thought it would be great to thank the fans of our first film by re-releasing „Race To World First“, free to play, and showing everyone the trailer to our next film, that you all made possible.

We hope you enjoy the film. We are so proud of it.

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John Keating

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